Underfloor heating

Why underfloor heating?

We heat the boat with an oil boiler and radiators, so we do not need additional heat. Still, it’s super nice to have a little warmth in the floor.

The underfloor heating comes from heating foil (the one used in caravans).

The insulation mats mentioned below are 3 mm thick and are also used in caravans.

An insulation mat, a layer of foil and a carpet with a thin or medium back site are laid under the table in the salon.

Under the fixed floors (pantry and toilet), two layers of insulation mats, a layer of foil that overlaps at the joints, and finally the fixed floor are laid. All glued together into a compact unit.

A few foil remnants have been used under the mattress in the corner of our bed (there was a thermal bridge towards the hull that could cause condensation)

A dimmer (Opus 66 mek-d 450lr) is placed in front of the transformer so that the floor heating can be adjusted. In summer we use 10-15w/m2, in winter 40-50w/m2.

Note: the dimmer must be for inductive load, if you use one for Ohmic load it will break.

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