Double glazed windows II

The windows in the main cabin had begun to leak, and the plexiglass cracked, so it was about time for new windows.

We agreed that we wanted windows with real glass.

The additional price for buying double-glazed windows rather than single-layer glass is about 1/3, so when it is a houseboat, the saving in energy consumption covers this additional price for double-glazed windows. And we get rid of condensation and trouble with inner panes.

The double glazed windows are also this time made to order by Topwindows



Before we had two windows with fixed portholes that opened inwards.
We had them replaced by two windows that open outwards. In addition to the fact that they can stand tight when it rains, it also has the advantage that the incidence of light has increased and visibility is better.
On the other hand, we must of course be careful if they are open when we pass by.

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