Life jackets for children

The parents had bought new life jackets for our grandchildren. We certainly had our own children’s old life jackets on board, but they were 25 years old, so they were probably worn out.

However, the children were a little unsafe in the water, and gradually we began to suspect that it might be because the vests did not behave as we thought. So we had the oldest child test the newly purchased life jacket.

We have the expectation that lifejackets for children must turn the child over on its back so that the head is above water and the child can breathe. That’s the whole idea of the child wearing a life jacket when we sail or they play on the boat bridge.

The approved vest of a recognized brand could NOT turn the child!
The 25-year-old HH vest we had on board, on the other hand, could. It must be said that the also 25-year-old, yellow vest, which the other child is wearing, could NOT turn the child around, quite the opposite! And that we have used for our own children !!!

The parents later complained to the shop where the vests were bought. However, they got nothing out of it, the vests were approved to a standard that does NOT require the child to be turned.

So pay attention to the following standards:

50 N – Swim-ming west

For experienced swimmers near the coast and only with nearby assistance. Not safe in case of unconsciousness.

100 N – Lifejackets

For use in coastal and protected waters. Only limited safety in case of unconsciousness.

These vests are recommended for children! And some of them probably also turn the child around…

150 N – Life jackets.

For use in all waters. Full safety in the event of unconsciousness, however limited safety if heavy, waterproof sailing clothing is worn.

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