Grap bag

A long-distance sailing boat sank in the summer of 2019 in the Pacific Ocean. The crew had to send a mayday and go into the life raft, but were fortunately rescued by other sailors in the area. Their story of the wreck and their preparations for, what should never happen, but happened anyway, have inspired us (and surely many others) to look at our own safety. In Denmark, we have never had a life raft, we have usually sailed close to the coast and in busy waters and not considered it necessary. As at this time we were on our way to the Mediterranean, which we had intended to cross over a longer distance, we agreed that we must have a life raft. We also talked through the situation and found out that in addition to the life raft we should have a packed grap bag.

When buying a life raft, you must decide whether it must be approved for coastal use or for ocean use (e.g. across the Atlantic). The raft can basically be packed with various things for use in an emergency. E.g. emergency flares, knife, seasickness tablets. It is also possible to order it packed with equipment of your choice. But regardless of what is packed inside, there will be a need for extra things to take with you on the go. Therefore, a bag/container is packed and ready for being brought to the lift raft, a so-called grap bag.

We searched the web to get inspiration for what such a bag should contain. From this we made our list.

The list is OUR best bet on what WE think should be in the bag, it is NOT an approved list and it is only FOR INSPIRATION

The list is intended for Mediterranean cruises, where we will not be more than a day’s sailing away from land. If you are going across the Atlantic, it certainly makes other demands.

Quantities for 2 adultsIn grab bagLife raftPacks on the go
First aid and medicine
sea sickness pillsx
first aid equipment plaster + gauzex
painkillers paracetamol + ibuprofenx
thermal blankets x
Basic survival
Orange soda with sugar 4 x 1/3 l x
water 6 x 1/2 l x
2 bags of dried fruit and nuts x
hand pump x
sponge 2x
repair clampsx
duct tape + tape that can stick wetx
knife xx
wet wipesx
plastic bags, preferably zipx
Equipment to rescue aid
portable WHF with fresh batteriesx
extra batteriesx
flashlight with wind-upx
the good flashlightx
SOS lightx
emergency flares 3 hand-held + 2 parachutes x
torch with equipment to transmit Morse code
card with rescue signalsx
throwing line with ringx
Equipment to help afterwards
photocopy of boat documents incl. insurance papersx
copy of passportsx
wallet with Danish kroner and euros and credit cardx
our wallets with credit cards etc.x
Navigation help
pencil and paperx
phones with gps and mapx
battery bankx
Personal equipment
Nøgler til det derhjemmex

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