New carpet and new cushions

When we bought the boat, there was a “Persian” carpet on the floor in the salon. The previous owners understandably took the carpet with them, but we liked the expression and have since thought about having something similar. For various reasons, however, it has always ended up with a piece of wall-to-wall carpet with a rubber backing.

While we were wintering in Lefkada, I came across a shop on the pedestrian street with home textiles. They had some loose rugs in the style we wanted, and could also edge stitch them for us, although they had a little difficulty understanding why we would cut such a rug into pieces. So we bought a rug, went home and cut it to fit and returned it for stitching. The price for the edge stitching showed up to be ok, and there were a few pieces left that could be adapted to the fore cabin, so it also could get a new carpet in the same style – the door is usually open, so it’s nice that it fits together.

Now that the carpet was nice, it was time to do something about the cushions too. They didn’t fit in anymore, and maybe never had. But what to do? We had some ideas, but after trying different layouts giving the illusion of cushion covers, the conclusion was that green cushions in roughly the same shades as the sofa cushions were best. This gave peace in a room that is already very colorful.

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