Heating and insulation

Double glazed windows III

All the windows in the wheelhouse and foredeck have previously been changed to double-glazed windows, we now also have chosen to have the portholes in the stern changed to double-glazed windows made by Topwindows

The heat loss from the small portholes does not justify a replacement of portholes in good contidion, but the win in comfort is well worth the money (in our opinion 🤓), especially it is a pleasure you no longer need to wipe down dew several times a day. At the same time, we had a certain fixed porthole changed to one that could be opened, which has long been a big wish.

We also bought rain shield/fly net combos for all the portholes that can be opened. They are easy to install and provide good protection in rainy Denmark, so that, for example, windows in the toilet can be left open in the summer without rain coming in. They limit the amount of air to some extent, but they also protect against mosquitoes. As long as it is not bad weather, we can also have windows open during sailing.

In contrast to the large double-glazed windows, the portholes are available in fixed dimensions and can be installed by yourself. You are welcome to call if you want some now how.

See more photos below but do not look at the dirty boat, which bears the marks of several months of sailing on the European rivers.

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